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Antute (Beijing) Technology Limited (Antute) is a leading premium IT infrastructure service provider, offering hardware, software and data center IT life cycle management services in China. Through professional third-party services, Antute helps optimize IT infrastructure so you can invest more time and resources in pursuing strategic developments and business innovations.

With increasing demand for flexible and independent control of IT infrastructure, enterprises demand for qualified IT service providers. As China’s leading third-party IT service provider, Antute provides comprehensive maintenance support for various devices across different brands as well as associated software. Services include but are not limited to devices and software troubleshooting, cloud migration, data center integration and data center construction & relocation. Antute enables customers to flexibly adopt new IT solutions that are more productive, reliable and safer.

Antute has established a comprehensive three-tier support service support system to ensure quick responses and high-quality delivery. With 30+ branches in major cities across China, Antute established a national warehouse network to provide customers with on-time and cost-efficient supports. Meanwhile, Antute operates a 7*24 call center to ensure emergency support. With “national coverage, local delivery”, Antute is highly responsible to customers’ business continuity and aim for excellent customer experience.

Antute’ s service offerings include:

●  7*24 maintenance support for servers, network and storage devices;

●  Consulting, implementation and operation services for cloud computing / virtualization;

●  Professional services to support databases, middleware, backup software, and other software;

  Consulting, implementation and operation services for data center;

●  One-stop-shop data center migration and integration services;

●  Disposal services for IT assets and sales of green minicomputers / storage devices, etc.

Through flexible service level as defined in   service level agreement (SLA), Antute helps customers reduce at least 40% of   total IT operating expenses, liberate IT infrastructures from manufacturer   constraints, and extend useful life of IT infrastructures.

Antute has cooperated with 1,000+ strategic   partners across China, assisting customers to manage more than 110,000 devices   every year. Antute has developed a solid customer base across various industries,   including banking,  telecommunications,   government, manufacturing, etc.. Antute has been the first choice and most   reliable partners of many Fortune 500 companies. 30% of customers have   continuously worked with Antute for more than ten years. As an   innovation-driven company, Antute will continue to help customers improve IT   efficiency and stay competitive with the ever-changing IT infrastructure.



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