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Antute industry information technology operation and maintenance seminar
Release time:2016-01-11 15:18:48| Views:

On January 8, 2016, Antute held a seminar on industry information technology operation and maintenance at the Westin Hotel in Tianjin, where leading companies from many industries such as finance, government, manufacturing and medicine in Tianjin were invited to attend the meeting. 

In the era of "Internet+", new technological changes have brought about continuous innovation in traditional business models and posed new challenges to information technology construction as a basic support, and CIOs are faced with many issues such as how to build an IT architecture that is compatible with business models, how to operate and maintain increasingly complex IT systems, and ensure information security. In the national "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", the requirement of "improving information security protection system and enhancing operation and management capability" is also clearly put forward.

Mr. Wang Mingli, Vice General Manager of Antute, delivered a speech on site


In response to the above new demands of industry informatization, Aptus introduced Aptus' O&M solutions and industry values in various fields around topics such as localization of IT industry, advantages and problems of cloud computing in industry applications, data quality management in the era of big data, data bleaching and data processing, and shared more than ten years of professional service experience with customers.

Technical sharing by Mr. Sun Han, Technical Director of Antute


Through this meeting, Antutech has had in-depth communication and discussion with industry customers. Antut will always position itself as a high-end IT operation and maintenance service provider, adhering to the service concept of guaranteeing business continuity, ensuring data security, providing proactive services and being the first to respond to failures, and striving to provide customers with a full range of comprehensive operation and maintenance solutions.

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