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Antute's campus recruitment for 2016 freshmen kicked off
Release time:2015-12-07 15:41:19| Views:

In recent years, Antutech has been adhering to the development strategy of industry coverage and business innovation, and has rapidly expanded its market share and enterprise scale, attracting a large number of like-minded people and refining an outstanding team of enterprising and sincere people.

Antutech believes that the most harmonious and stable development is the one in which the enterprise and the employees complement each other's development. Therefore, Antutech puts people first, respects employees, provides a good platform and tailor-made career planning, and helps employees to grow and develop continuously and gain a sense of achievement and satisfaction in their work. 

This year, Antutech plans to recruit 20 fresh graduates to work in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Ningbo, Wuhan, Xi'an, Harbin and other places. Looking forward to the power of youth, looking forward to the youthful and vigorous you, hand in hand, to build glory and dreams together.



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