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Antute 2014 annual summary commendation meeting
Release time:2015-04-01 15:56:56| Views:

On March 20, 2015, Antutech's 2014 annual summary commendation meeting was held. The meeting summarized the work of the previous year, commended the outstanding performance of employees, and also held the annual lucky draw activity.


The year 2014 was a year of take-off for Antutech, which not only exceeded the sales task, but also maintained a 30% performance growth rate for three consecutive years. In this year, Antutech made important breakthroughs in new industry expansion, new business development and other fields, and its brand recognition and market share continued to climb.

In 2014, Antutech passed the ISO20000/ISO27001 management system certification and ITSS compliance assessment, and obtained the second-level qualification of system integration, and a series of self-developed software were awarded the copyright and software product certificate.

In 2015, Antutech will expand the market and grasp the management internally to build a quality brand of "IT high-end operation and maintenance service provider" and bring customers a different service experience.


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