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Twenty years, heart and soul for you
Release time:2020-08-24 13:29:00| Views:


On August 21, 2020, Antute (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. held a ceremony to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company.


Looking back, we have experienced countless challenges and uncertainties; we have also won countless honors and trust. Twenty years have passed in a flash, and we are still laughing and singing. Today, Antute has become a widely known service brand, the number of customers continues to grow, and the advantageous industries continue to expand. Twenty years of dedication, creating a broad world, twenty years of cultivation, harvesting fruitful.

Flowers and applause have gone together, and opportunities and challenges have been accompanied by each other. Today, let us make our best wishes here together, and then join hands and set sail. We believe that both Antute and each of us will be better tomorrow!

As always, Antute is always there for you.

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