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Service Online, Fight the Epidemic Together
Release time:2020-02-12 13:29:00| Views:

At the beginning of 2020, the new coronavirus epidemic came out of nowhere, and the Chinese New Year festival, which should be a time of national celebration and family reunion, instantly changed channels and started a war without smoke and mirrors.

The epidemic was an order, and many of Antute's customers were undertaking important service protection tasks. At the critical moment, Antutech's commitment to customers is not compromised. There is a group of Antute people who are still working overtime to ensure the continuity of customers' business. They stay on the line to provide quality service guarantee for customers. When the situation is urgent, they overcome the influence of the epidemic and go to the scene to solve customers' problems on the basis of good protection.

Especially in Wuhan, after the "city closure", public transportation and private cars could not be used, so the engineers took the risk and came to the site by bicycle. Family members were worried about their safety and repeatedly advised them before leaving, and even their parents were in tears at home.

"Continuously guaranteeing, living up to the heavy responsibility", when the epidemic was in progress, Antute paid tribute to the front-line warriors in its own way and did its part in the great plan to fight the epidemic. There is no difficulty that can't be overcome if we all work together, and there is no ditch that can't be crossed if we work together!

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