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【Case Sharing】IBM DS8100 CEC System disk repair case

Fault Background

A client, IBM DS8100 storage reported CEC fan and hard disk error, first tried to replace the CEC hard disk, the process was interrupted and failed. Considering the CEC dual hard disk mirroring protection, so try to replace the fan, HMC take repair process requires power down, after replacing the fan, timeout when activating LPAR, partition boot failure.



Through testing, it was determined that both drives were not recognized and that both drives needed to be replaced and the operating system reloaded. Refer to the HMC online help document "MAP4020 Hard disk drive build process for both boot drives in a storage.

facility image LPAR”Recovery by process.


1. Preparation

a. Determine the storage microcode.

b.Prepare media(DVD-RAM、DS8100 System and Patch CD);


2. Recovery Process

Rebuild CEC Hard Drive,In the first step, you need a blank DVD-RAM disk (commonly known as an optical hard disk, not a normal DVD disk) to copy the configuration information from a properly working controller.

TIPS:If you get an error creating a configuration CD, try replacing the CD or optical drive.


After the first step is passed, follow the process and instructions, the SF Image LPAR state is still offline after the process is finished, and the state is normal after refresh LPAR state. The whole recovery process took about 2 hours.




1. Before replacing the DS8000 CEC components, make sure the hard drive in the CEC is in normal condition with no physical and logical errors, if there are errors, prioritize the hard drive failure;

2. Before proceeding to rebuild CEC Hard Drive, prepare sufficient DVD-RAM to ensure that the configuration can be written properly.


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