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Antute Receives "2017 Professional Services Award" from Client
Release time:2018-02-07 13:29:00| Views:

At the beginning of 2018, Antute received an unexpected surprise when a large state-owned financial enterprise client presented it with the "2017 Professional Service Award" and held a brief but grand award ceremony.

Antute has been providing IT system operation and maintenance services for this customer, adhering to the service concept of "guaranteeing business continuity, ensuring data security, providing proactive services, and being the first responder to failures", and escorting the efficient operation of the customer's IT system. The earliest cooperation between the two sides started in 2009, and it has been nearly ten years since then. With ten years of cooperation, customers have given Antutech a high degree of trust and recognition, and Antutech does not dare to let down this affection, working diligently and meticulously. Nowadays, Antute and its customers have not only developed a highly tacit understanding service team, but also known each other and witnessed each other's development history, and together they are moving towards business prosperity and innovation.

This time, we are honored to receive the "2017 Professional Service Award" and thank our customers for their affirmation of our services, and will take this as motivation to provide the best services for our customers.


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