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Ten years together, thanks to you
Release time:2017-11-03 13:29:00| Views:

In October 2017, Antute held a celebration entitled "Ten years together, thank you" to celebrate Antute's rapid development and good performance in recent years, and to thank employees for their selfless dedication over the years.


On October 20, more than twenty employees who have joined more than ten years gathered in beautiful Suzhou. At the symposium, the company leaders awarded medals and commemorative certificates to the employees, thanking them for sitting in the heroic heroes, growing with the company for more than ten years; not remembering the youthful years, because they were still vigorous; talking about the sweetness and bitterness of work, and looking forward to the bright future of Antute together; choking several times at the emotion, always young, always in tears.


On July 26, 2000, Antute was established with no reputation, but after the unknown stumbling steps, there must be sunny and impressive achievements. One after another group of young people joined, from the young novice to grow into the backbone of the business, but also cohesion into Antute such an excellent team not afraid of difficulties dare to fight hard. Today, Antute has become a widely known service brand, the number of customers continues to grow, advantageous industries continue to expand, and annual sales are climbing. For Antute employees, the steady development of the company is the realization of self-worth.


At the meeting, we were grateful for the broad platform provided by Antutech, the guidance of our leaders and the help of our colleagues, and we felt guilty about our families and relatives, but even if we missed the high attendance and the beautiful scenery, we were willing to enjoy the ten years in Antute. Finally, Mr. Liang Xinrong, the general manager, proposed to raise a glass to our family members to thank them for their silent dedication and selfless support.

On October 23, we will bid farewell to the beautiful scenery and go back to work with full enthusiasm, looking forward to a better tomorrow for Antute, and then we will meet again and raise our glasses to our heroes!

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