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Antute was invited to attend the 2017 WRE Manufacturing CIO Summit
Release time:2017-07-17 13:29:00| Views:

The WRE Manufacturing CIO Summit 2017, co-organized by WRE CIO Alliance and Trueadvisor, opened in Shanghai on June 22-23, 2017. The conference brought together over 200+ CIOs, CTOs and IT executives from the world's leading manufacturing companies, innovative solution providers and industry technology elites to discuss the key core issues affecting the informatization and digitization of manufacturing in China and the Asia Pacific region. The summit provides an integrated business platform for all participants to share experiences, innovative ideas and advanced technologies.

Informatization is the main trend and feature of the development of manufacturing technology in the world today. The emerging knowledge economy, fierce market competition and rapidly developing IT technology have accelerated the process of modernization and informatization of manufacturing industry, and informatization of manufacturing industry has become a global development trend. With this, the operation and maintenance of information system has also become a serious challenge for manufacturing CIOs.


As a high-end IT operation and maintenance service provider, Antute was invited to attend the summit and brought a comprehensive operation and maintenance solution for manufacturing information systems, which can help customers easily cope with a series of problems such as equipment downtime, data loss, hardware and software failure, and poor system performance, saving more energy and resources to focus on core business, providing customers with more stable, more efficient, and lower investment in business support and information The conference was attended by a wide range of participants. The participants showed wide concern and praise for this.

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