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Antute won the national high-tech enterprise qualification
Release time:2017-02-28 13:29:00| Views:

According to the relevant provisions of the "Management Measures for the Recognition of High and New Technology Enterprises" and "Management Guidelines for the Recognition of High and New Technology Enterprises", Antute was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.


High-tech enterprises are in the field of high technology supported by the state, continuous research and development and transformation of technological achievements, the formation of enterprise core independent intellectual property rights, and as a basis for production and business activities, registered in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) for more than one year of resident enterprises. The enterprises that can be recognized are enterprises with high growth and good potential economic benefits that are supported by the state.


Antute is a leading IT high-end operation and maintenance service provider in China. During years of development, Antute has mastered the operation and maintenance technology of various types of high-end IT systems and independently developed a series of operation and maintenance management platforms, forming its own core competitiveness, providing high-quality and cost-effective quality services to customers at all levels and winning wide acclaim in the industry.


The qualification of national high-tech enterprise is a comprehensive assessment of Antute's core independent intellectual property rights, ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, organization and management level of research and development, growth indicators and talent structure, etc. It is also a full affirmation of the state's R&D and technological innovation ability. Taking this as an opportunity, Antute will continue to increase its R&D investment, strengthen the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, further enhance its industry influence and market competitiveness, and achieve leapfrog development of the enterprise.


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