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Antute wins China IT Innovation Enterprise of the Year Award
Release time:2017-01-20 13:29:00| Views:

With the development of global IT industry speeding up again, following the concept of information age, the network age, intelligent age, data age and other concepts related to IT technology and information technology came into being. In this context, the "2016 China IT Wind and Cloud List", a cutting-edge IT industry award organized by the China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce and, officially ended on January 16, 2017. The main purpose of this event is to recognize the outstanding contributions of people or enterprises in the field of technology, solutions and services in the national IT industry.

Antute was awarded the "Innovative Enterprise of the Year Award" in this event. As a leading IT high-end operation and maintenance service provider in China, Antutech has been consistently providing quality services to customers through its own unremitting efforts. At the same time, Antutech focuses on high-end, on the one hand, it continues to develop high-end service product lines, launching solutions such as high-end equipment maintenance, high security database disaster recovery, cloud computing/virtualization/big data, data recovery and data destruction for IBM z series, IBM P780/795, HP SuperDome, EMC DMX/VMAX, etc.; on the other hand, it has independently developed a series of operation and maintenance management On the other hand, we have developed a series of operation and maintenance management platforms, including Antutech daily operation and maintenance toolbox system, Antutech intelligent operation and maintenance monitoring platform, Antutech high-end equipment operation and maintenance expert system/alarm platform, EMC high-end storage maintenance platform, Antutech server room relocation management system, etc., which are widely used in operation and maintenance management and have obtained independent intellectual property rights certificates.

The golden ranking in China IT Top 100 proves that Antutech's continuous innovation of business has been recognized by the industry as well as customers. Many authorities hired by the organizer and IT media believe that Antutech has built a more complete solution for IT lifecycle management of data centers through continuous technology development and product line innovation, and has provided industry customers with a more free choice of direction.

Since its establishment, Antutech has always been active in IT operation and maintenance services in finance, telecom, government, energy and other industries. So far, there are more than 30 branches nationwide, more than 100 professional technical teams, and the renewal rate of customer IT O&M always remains the industry leader. In the new year, Antutech will provide more high-quality services to escort customers' IT systems.


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