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Anti-epidemic to ensure delivery, no matter how hard you work to live up to the
Release time:2022-06-17 17:50:58| Views:

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At the beginning of May, the ferocious new crown epidemic swept through Beijing once again. A financial customer's data center raised the level of epidemic prevention and control, requiring two of our engineers to enter the site for closed management and to complete all daily maintenance changes.

Antute's Beijing delivery team shouldered the heavy responsibility of entry given by the company. As members of the customer's on-site commando team, they successfully completed more than 30 fault changes for IBM and HP minis and various x86 servers, guaranteeing the maintenance quality and timeliness not affected by the epidemic. At the same time, under the authorization of the customer's leadership, they helped friendly vendors to complete additional maintenance tasks, which was highly evaluated by the customer and enhanced good customer relationship.

Our delivery team will continue to uphold the service concept of "guaranteeing the business continuity of our customers", and will respond quickly when our customers need us to provide protection.

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