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Antute's new book "Practical Guide to Data Center Room Relocation" was
Release time:2022-07-14 10:32:04| Views:

Recently, the book "Practical Guide to Data Center Server Room Relocation", co-sponsored by Jinhanhua Education and Data Center World Network and co-edited by Antute (Beijing) Technology Co.

The book is edited by the Chinese Institute of Electronics and written by Mr. Sun Han, Vice President and CTO of Antute (Beijing) Technology Co. The contents of the book are real financial relocation cases, covering the whole process of data center server room relocation, and comprehensively sorting out the workflow of old server room relocation projects, including preparation for new server rooms, introduction of relocation service providers, relocation organization and management, relocation planning, relocation plan design, pre-location preparation, relocation implementation, and relocation project closing, etc. It follows the principle of ensuring business stability and high efficiency, and solves many difficulties encountered in the relocation It solves many difficult problems encountered in the relocation process.

The Practical Guide to Data Center Server Room Relocation is the result of the efforts of many members of the editorial committee. As a co-editor, Antute has been involved in data center relocation projects since 2000, serving more than 100 large data centers and relocating hundreds of thousands of units (sets) of equipment, and has accumulated rich project experience from practice. This time, Antute has dutifully sorted out the relevant ideas, business processes, risk control and contingency plans and other work results, and shared them with the readers through this book, hoping to bring new thoughts to the industry practitioners.

At 14:00 on July 19, Mr. Sun Han and members of the book editorial committee will come to the "Fangtang Microclass" live broadcast room to witness the debut ceremony of the new book "Practical Guide to Data Center Room Relocation" and introduce the contents and highlights of the new book, so that you can read and understand this industry "textbook". "We welcome all interested parties to make an appointment to attend!

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