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Simplify operations management with a cloud storage platform
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A group customer has multiple sub-centers, and their respective businesses are separated and independent storage resources are adopted, which makes overall data planning difficult, makes it difficult to achieve centralized backup, and cannot carry out disaster recovery system construction. At the same time, the outdated IT system architecture and the daily operation and maintenance of multi-brand storage devices also bring heavy burden and huge workload to management.

In view of the current situation of customers, Antute builds a virtualized cloud storage platform, unifies identity authentication of customers' ERP, CRM, SSO and other systems, migrates and protects application system data such as OA and HR, helps customers achieve hardware-level multi-level storage, and simplifies O&M management while adding hardware-level protection to the system.

At the same time, Antute also conducts research on business continuity and data protection technology involved in the construction of cloud storage platform, helping customers provide a way to evolve from the storage of various business systems to the information cloud architecture, so that customers can restore business systems in a short period of time and prepare storage for the construction of remote disaster recovery systems.

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