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Successfully implemented cloud platform migration
Release time:2023-03-01 13:33:28| Views:

The business system of a municipal bureau information center has been in use for many years, and the equipment is aging, and the business continuity is seriously affected. Even if the fault is troubleshooted, the system performance is not satisfactory. Recently, due to the rapid increase in business volume, the customer decided to expand the capacity of the system and quickly purchased new equipment. However, during the implementation of the project, it is difficult to import the original business into the new equipment, and there are conflicts in software compatibility, so the newly purchased equipment is almost idle.

The customer made two requests when negotiating the project with Antute:

1. Improve business response performance while keeping the original business and software system unchanged;

2. Protect the original investment and try not to incur hardware investment. Under the premise of full consideration of compatibility and expansion, the original purchased equipment should be used to the greatest extent.

In response to the urgent needs of customers,  Antute examined the current situation of the system in detail, and formulated the overall backup and data migration plan of the system after analysis. The project implementation used two high-performance four-way domestic servers and one domestic high-end optical fiber disk array to build a virtualization hardware platform, and finally successfully met the customer needs and met the customer's project expectations through the virtualization solution.

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