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Antute passed the CMMI3 certification and its R&D capability was recognized
Release time:2023-05-06 14:48:49| Views:

In November 2022, Antute (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed CMMI3 certification, marking that Antute has entered a brand new stage in software development, project management and quality management, and has gained international authoritative recognition.


CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration), or Software Capability Maturity Integration Model, is a set of software system specifications developed by the U.S. Department of Defense and the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University, with five levels, designed to promote continuous maturity and progress in software development, service and management.

Among them, CMMI Level 3 represents that the evaluated organization has met the requirements of international leading software services in various aspects of technology development, R&D management, project management and delivery.

Currently, CMMI certification has become a world-recognized standard for software product quality management and quality assurance.

As a leading IT high-end operation and maintenance service provider in China, Antute focuses on R&D and continuous innovation while providing data center full lifecycle services, and has obtained more than 50 computer software copyrights.

Mr. Cai Yong, Assistant Vice President and Joint CTO of Antute, said, "CMMI Level 3 certification is another milestone for Aptut on the road of R&D and innovation, marking that Aptut has reached international advanced level in software R&D, project management and implementation delivery, which will provide more solid support and guarantee for Aptut's development in the field of IT operation and maintenance services. "

In the future, Antute will take customer needs as the guide and technology innovation as the grip to continuously provide customers with one-stop solutions for data center operation and maintenance.

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