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Antute Receives ITSS O&M Service Capability Maturity Level 1 Certificate
Release time:2023-05-06 15:02:23| Views:

Recently, Antute has received a good report that after several audit sessions and evaluation by industry experts, Antute has successfully obtained the ITSS O&M service capability maturity level 1 certificate, which marks that Antute's O&M service capability continues to maintain the leading level in the industry.

Information Technology Service Operation and Maintenance Standard (ITSS) is a set of IT service standard library and methodology developed by the Information Technology Service Branch of China Electronics Industry Standardization Technology Association (ITSS Branch) under the leadership and support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Standardization Committee, which comprehensively regulates IT service products and their constituent elements such as personnel, resources, technology and process, covering IT service/operation ITSS O&M service capability maturity level 1 is the highest level of the assessment.

In the declaration of ITSS operation and maintenance level 1 qualification, Antute brings together the efforts of multiple levels and departments, follows ITSS scientific methodology according to the maturity requirements, continuously promotes the refinement of management process, the precision of index system and assessment, the standardization of delivery and emergency response services, the independent innovation of technology research and development, the optimization and improvement of automation tools, realizes the quantitative management of the whole process of operation and maintenance, and establishes nine models such as "Operation and maintenance business development history data analysis model", "Operation and maintenance service capability management plan implementation model" and "quality evaluation model", which effectively promotes the continuous improvement of operation and maintenance service management capability.

With more than 20 years of experience in high-end IT operation and maintenance services, Antute has accumulated profound practical experience and technology. Through this ITSS O&M service capability maturity level 1 assessment, Aptus applies the idea of refined and precise management to the O&M service management. 

Mr. Sun Han, vice president and co-CTO of Antute, said, "The ITSS system standard provides us with a good theoretical framework and practical foundation to help us consolidate the system and system construction, optimize the allocation of operation and maintenance resources, and realize model and baseline management, so as to achieve accurate analysis and improvement of business enhancement. We will continue to guide the operation and decision making of the enterprise through in-depth study of ITSS level 1 standards, promote innovation and change in O&M services, and guarantee that O&M services can respond to market changes in an agile manner."

In the future, Antute will continue to standardize and optimize its business according to the ITSS standard system, continue to develop and innovate, and provide customers with more mature, credible, high quality and innovative solutions for all-round O&M services.

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